General Links

Below are some of our favourite links to Cavalier and canine sites here in the UK:

The Southern Cavalier Welfare - CKCS Welfare in Southern England - London South, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, Isle of Wight, East & West Sussex
The CKCS Club - The UK parent club - CKCS in the UK,  with UK Cavaliers Championship show results and show photos, regularly updated

Barnaby's Cavalier Attitudes - Probably the earliest CKCS site on the web and incorporating.....

The Kennel Club - Information on Crufts and Discover Dogs

Higham Press UK - Show printers with Championship Show results for all breeds
Fosse Data - Show printers with Championship Show results for all breeds
The Canine Information Directory - Show printers with Championship Show results for all breeds

Champ Dogs - Breeder and  puppy directory

Dogs Trust - Largest UK Dog Rescue & Welfare Organisation

Other CKCS organisations and sites around the world:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Inc. - The Original USA Club Finland
American CKCS Club - The AKC Club for CKCS Germany
Cavaliers of the North-East USA Japan
Cavaliers of the West
Bay Area CKCS Club (San Francisco USA west) Netherlands
CKCS Club of Victoria Inc. (Australia regional) Norway
OzCavaliers (Australia) for great links down under Sweden

Some Non-UK CKCS and canine sites:

The American Kennel Club

Cavalier Connection - An online magazine
Dog Friendly - A site where you will find places our canine friends are more than welcome in the US

Some CKCS sites selling cavalier items:

Sculptor Studio - Some wonderful cavalier scupltures and jewellery

Below are some links of our other interests - nothing to do with Cavaliers - explore at your own risk!!:

Teddy Bear UK  - More furry, cuddly things.  A great teddy bear directory, lots of links and information on where to locate the many teddy bear shops in the UK

Swarovski - Austrian crystals, if only we could collect them all!

Ski Directory - Another passion of ours but can't get away as much due to dogsitting

Hoseasons Holidays Limited - Enquiry and booking online for another of our favourite past times, boating (when we are not at a dog show)

Laser Business Systems - Check out this site if you fancy some home automation

Avalcier Canine Web Solutions - Our web solutions arm offering personalised, professional web design, hosting and maintenance, enquiries welcome from ALL breeds and canine interests

If you find any broken links, please email [email protected]